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Past Trips

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The Gap Camp ground with a day visit to Moonta fishing and 4wd trip.

Trip report coming soon

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Bri Glen Springs

We all met at Maccas on Friday night to head off to Bri Glen Springs.

After a late venue change due to the weather. We met kara, Curly and the kids at Roseworthy.


We arrived at Bri Glen at about 10 pm without any incident.

Set up camp and had happy hour.

Saturday morning, we woke up to great sunny weather.

Trev, Lisa and the kids had arrived and already set up.

After a slow start we set off for some exploring at about 11 am.

Heath, Greg and Blake took it in turns at being the leader for the afternoon.

At lunch time Heath found 2 sleepy lizards sleeping in the grass. Unfortunately for them he didn’t actually see them, but his wheels said hello to them.

Whilst everyone was paying their respects Bridget didn’t see lizard No2 as it was under her foot. After lunch we did some more driving and Blake popped a tire.

So a quick stop to change and we were on our way again. Then back to camp for dinner and happy hour.


Sunday morning Denise opened her chair that had been under her van.

It contained a small scorpion and a 10 – 15 cm centipede had taken up residence.

After breakfast we headed out to play Blake left his car at camp due to not having anymore spared wheels and joined Greg in The Princess. Bridget done a fantastic job of navigating the creeks in the 200 series.

Lisa also drove for a while. After lunch Denise stole the driver’s seat off Heath, we were off again.

The boys were stopping and grabbing nice Malley stumps for the fire.

Heath put one on the roof basket. Denise then used it as a tree removal device in turn breaking the wind deflector off the driver’s side of Heaths car. That was the only injury Toyotasaurus sustained for the weekend.

We were able to have our dinner and clean up before the rain hit.

The girls all sat under Bridget’s awning and the men went to Blakes, whilst standing there Blake decided to push the top of the awning to remove some of the water build up. It landed on Heath, straight down his back says he got the whole 25ml of rain.

Heath found another scorpion and showed us that they glow under a black light.


Monday, we packed up and headed home. We stopped in burra for lunch and off again.

A quick stop for Blake to change yet another flat/shredded tire. Luckily, Trev had a spare that fitted.

Kara decided to let Curly drive the rest of the way home.

Another great weekend away with great company. Can’t wait to do it all again.

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Saunders Gorge Sanctuary

I meet Michelle, Steve, Blake and Greg at the Tea Tree Plaza Car Park, boy was it busy as Michelle and Steve had to move once and again, we had cars around us. We headed off to Saunders Gorge with slow crawl through Chain of Ponds and up Chandlers Hill Road, with a toilet stop at Mt Pleasant we made it to Saunders to meet Lisa and Trevor who already had the fire going as they headed up earlier.

It was a warm night but nice to still have a comfort fire to socialize around for the night.

Stephen and Helena meet us in the morning, we all aired down so we were ready. We headed up to the office/shed to pay for our track and camping fees.

At this point it was starting to look like rain and by the time we got to the first obstacle it was coming down. Blake attempted the hill by the tree, but it was to slippery and wet so we all either took the chicken track or the middle track.

After that, the rain eased up and the sun came out for the rest of the day.

We only got over the next hill when we came across another person that had his Lower Control Arm stuck over the edge of a rock as he did not take the correct line and stay on the track.

After Blake went and investigated what was the problem we assisted with winching him backwards off the rock, we all pulled up down on a flat spot to check he had not damage and was then ready to keep moving.

At the next obstacle we took the hard root that was not that difficult until we got to the down hill decent which made both Stephens and my heart race as it included a large wheel lift.

Once we all recovered, we decided to find a flat place to have lunch, this also gave us a little longer to get our heart rate back to normal.

After a bite to eat the rest of the track went without much of a hitch except for the fact that Greg had his petrol light coming on and asking cheekily if we could only do uphill climbs as it only came on going downhill. We returned to the shed around 3pm ready for happy hour.

Stephen and Helena came back to camp and aired up ready for the trip home. Yolanda and Carlton visited us that evening and stayed for a couple of hours before heading off again.

The next morning, we packed up slowly and headed home, Steve and Michelle were having problems with their lights on the camper, so Trevor and Lisa accompanied them home to ensure they got there safely. Greg put some fuel in at the first available stop, but in the end, everyone got home safely and enjoyed the weekend.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

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Morgan quarry Trip

On the 21st of August was our Morgan trip we meet most the club at the Munno para maccas at 6:30 

we left at 7 o’clock to head to Cordola campgrounds we arrived little after 9 o’clock 

The few club members already there had the fire going and ready for happy hour after everyone set up 

On the Saturday morning we had breakfast and left camp at around 8:30 to meet a visitor at the quarry gate at 9 o’clock 

We drove in and stopped at the fish bowl to let our tyres down and have a play and of course Bryn was the first to drive off and test the mud holes out 

After playing in the bowl for a hour or so and a few few side steps needing straightening we split up into two groups one lead by Greg the other by Heath 

The first obstacles Greg’s group came across was a couple hill climbs where we all fun playing on than we headed onto the three sisters where we all got up until it started raining a little bit and Trevor decided to park at the top a quick winch and we where on our way again heading to the creek 

Every one made it though the Creek than than Trevor had to get his winch out again for Alex’s Ute that didn’t make it across an obstacle than we headed onto the rocking horse for a play after some time playing in the rocking horse I decided that since Bryn wasn’t in our group someone else had to be the crazy one and reverse up obstacles 

Shortly after Greg didn’t want his 200 being out done so he joined in on the fun 

We headed for the flex tree for lunch 

Ron and I parked our cars up the trees we both lost traction at ruffly the same distance 

The groups split up again and headed different ways and out for a few more hours in the afternoon 

The afternoon went pretty smoothly until Greg got stuck on top of tree roots and we winched him off of it shortly after I took the lead of the group and we slowly tracked back to the fish bowl and on the last climb before the bowl Trevor crossed some slippery rocks and got stuck  another quick winch and he was good again 

Everyone regroup led at the fishbowl and had a lest play in the mud before we decided it was time to head back to camp for happy hour 

The Sunday morning we slowly packed up and headed home about 11:30 with a quick stop in kupunda for a muddy radiator

Another great weekend away with the club

Morgan 2nd group trip report

After leaving the fishbowl we spilt into 2 groups

Heath found that whilst doing donuts in the mud in the fishbowl that he had blown a cv joint, so the rest of his day was done in 2wd.

After the  first hill another stop to fix ry’s car.

A few zip ties and his radiator hose was secure again.

After driving for a while robyn and her kids decided to take a walk and play dora the explorer on the way to toyota hill.

They still wanted to keep walking so continued onto the 5 sisters.

After playing on the sisters we went off for a drive before lunch.

Whilst putting the kids in the car dave found out his car needed a handbrake adjustment as the car started rolling away, dave got the front and the brake really quick.

We didnt get too far and needed to stop to change a tyre on heaths car.

After lunch we went off to the creeks, rocking horse and the play area near the fishbowl, everyone had a play.

Bryn had to snatch ry and dave over a few spots, fun had by all.

We met the other group back at the fishbowl and headed back to camp.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Bri glen springs

We met at the usual mc Donalds car park 

After a feed we left about 7pm with a couple toliet stops and another stop we managed to find somewhere that sold milk. 

We arrived at about 10pm set up lit a fire had a couple glasses of milk then realised it was 4am.

We had a slight late start to the day and got on the tracks by 10am 

Greg was the first stuck in a ditch with a quick winch he was out of there.

Next was jp who some how managed to drive straight into washout another easy pull and slight panel damage the job was done 

Next up was the macho looking 80 series which had a hold my beer moment and was hung up on some rocks. 

Another winch moment and we stopped for lunch then off to do a bit more driving around the property. 

After we got back lit a fire turned it up to 37 degrees it felt like about 10pm and some pyromaniac realised we had burnt all the fire wood by 7.30pm. 

Blake took care if that with Greg’s chainsaw then the some b****rd pro burnt all that by 9pm and then again more wood had to be cut. 

Day 2 

Some stayed kicked back at camp some done inner tracks on the property and some of as went gold prospecting 

We found some treasures mainly bullet shell bits of random metal after lunch we made a move back home. 

Before we got to the high way we had 2 flat tyres both with bits of shale and an easy cruise home from there. 

It took a bit to access this property and we are now welcome anything fire wood is free there and there is no short supply of wood. 

Most of the tracks are easy and we can make new ones. 

A great wkend away as always 

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Bendleby Ranges

We met up at munno para on the friday night and made our way to apilla springs for the night.

Was freezing cold and lots of people left early on saturday morning to get to bendleby rangers after signing in.

We went and set up camp then off to hit some off the tracks for the afternoon was a leisurly drive on the bendleby side of the property wasnt windly enough on the lookout for greg too loose his hat again.

Back at camp for happy hour  and fire then dinner.

Up early sunday to go play on the hungry ranges side spent the morning doing the easier parts of the hungry ranges.

after lunch stop off we went to do billy goat ridge.

Made our way up there but was unable to do it as there was a car stuck there they werent even on the track properly luckly they got offf the side  of the mountain safely.

So off to new track we went everyone accomplished this curly was completly out of his comfort zone but he did it all.

Back to camp for happy hour and dinner whiest sitting around the fire michelle gave everyone including the kids a kneck massages.

Monday we lesurly packed up and headed home

Anothder great wkend away with great poeple.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

BR20 1

Loveday 4WD Adventre Park

Part one

In a time a long long ago when we could freely roam this world in herds more then 10.

We had a trip to A place called loveday. We all packed our trusty steads and had come from far and wide and met at the local watering hole called McDonalds for the perilous journey ahead.

We all set off and arrived at loveday around 10pm to meet our local guide David and his family, who already had the fire going and beers flowing. We setup camp and had a chat around the fire till it was time to hit the hay. We all woke fairly early with minimal hang overs, cooked brekky and started to deflate the tyres ready for the fun ahead.

We all set off around 10am with dave leading the pack to tackle the main track around the property, our first decent obstacle (I think it's called hell hole) came up and we all gave it a go some of us hit bullbars on the sand wall but no damage (yet) to anyone. Me cruised along through a few more little obstacles till we him 150 bumps, which I think we all tried to count.

at the end of 150 bumps was the little hole (as it seemed anyway) that I have renamed to the launch pad.

Greg gave it a shot first and didn't quiet make it up, which had me puzzled as it looked like a nice easy bit, a few people gave it a miss or tried and didn't make it up, so I said what's the harm In trying this one, I drove into the deep rutts then I realised it's severely chewed out, so I have it a foot full and off I went bounced once the off I went, like a hippo with a firecracker in it's bum, I took off like I was an Apollo pilot, it hung up there for what seemed for ever till bang crash down I came, holy crap that was awesome, after some laughs and a quick check for damage off we went.

We stopped for lunch at what seemed to be a radio tower we all had a bite to eat and a nice cool drink.

Once lunch was done we headed to the 3 sisters, which was a steep rocky Dusty climb, a few of us gave it a crack and all made it up.

Once we left the 3 sisters we made tracks to the sand dunes, but before the sand dunes there were a few bog holes which heath just had to try, so I got a stick to check the water depth and as I pushed the stick into the watery muddy soup a foul stench came out and I warned heath it was deep mud and that it f@#king stunk, but heath being heath said it'll be fine and off he went, SPLAT, he sunk like a rock and the smell was gut wrenching, I was gagging so bad, i felt sorry for Denise and Maddy who were literally stuck in a car that was filling with putrid water.

After a quick recover from Greg, he popped out.

The carpets in his car were saturated, A quick flick out of most of the water and we headed off to the sand dunes, and oh boy were they fun, we all hit the sand and just went crazy, some went left some went right we ended up just having a blast till over the radio we heard that Greg had got stuck, so like bull ants to dropped sausage we all raced over it was nissan vs toyota vs Mazda to see who would be filmed pulling the mighty 200 out, just as we all just about got there we heard heath over radio GREG IM COMING TO SAVE YOU, because it would have been a shame to see a nissan pull out a toyota, but to everyone's surprise the little bt50 was first on scene.

Digging commenced with shovels and sand flying and in no time with a few TRED boards he popped himself out no worries.

A little time later we all called it day and went back to the bar for a few coldies and wait for the arrival of landbruiser.

A few coldies later and Bryn and Donna arrived, we had a few more coldies then headed back to camp to cook and have a few more coldies, but before we got to cooking and drinking Bryn wanted to go play in the sand dunes, so a few of us jumped into a couple of cars and headed to the sand dunes, where we all had such a blast, Trevor and Gracie were blasting music and driving the dunes in the bt50 like it was a paved road,Greg was showing me the power of the 200 series and Jesus iv never gone 0-60 in sand that fast let alone on the road.

So once we all finished having some fun we headed back to cook dinner and have some cold ones with our great group of people.

stay tuned for day 2 where the ladies drove the main track, we go to the play pit for some fun and a wrap up of the weekend

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Waikerie Region - Green and Gold House Boats

trip report coming soon

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Robe trip report

Sat 28th Dec

Met at Marden and were off at 7.30am. A quick stop at Tailem Bend for breakfast and onto Wrights Bay Bush Camping. Set up camp, had some lunch and a catch up with Yolanda Carlton and the girls who were already there. Then off to the beach for some fun. Uncle Jeff stayed at the beginning of the beach with the children so they could enjoy the afternoon in the water. 1st bog was Yoyo in the Triton, then Stephen and Michelle in the Patrol. Quick recoveries then off again. After turning around to return to camp Heath decided to go over some rocks on the beach and got bogged. Just a little bit bogged like right up to the sliders. Greg and Bridget along with Stephen and Michelle came back to do a recovery. Whilst doing a U-turn Stephen got bogged so Greg pulled out Heath and got bogged in the process. Greg was able to self-recover while Heath had to pull out Stephen. A few seconds later Stephen was bogged again. Another quick recovery by Greg and all headed back to camp for happy hour and dinner. A nice 25-degree day whilst Adelaide had 41.

Sunday 29th
After breakfast we headed out for another fun filled day. Carlton stayed at camp, so Yoyo joined Greg and Bridget while the kids jumped in with Jeff. 1st big dune on the beach only Heath and Greg made it over, Jeff and Stephen both struggled and since there was another car waiting to head over, we also headed back and take another Track. Next exit off the beach Jeff and Stephen had to reduce tyre pressure to be able to go over the dune. A couple of dunes later Greg slid and ran out of track therefore needing a helping hand, Stephen happily helped with this. Whilst pulling Greg they broke the bead on his tyre. A quick pump up and rolling again. We then had to reverse back for about a half a kilometre to let some cars past as there was no way to let them past. Then whilst waiting for Greg and Stephen to catch up we saw an idiot nearly hit them as he thought he was doing the Grand Prix. Found a nice beach and stopped for lunch. Drove without incident for a while then aired up and started off for camp. Had to find an alternative route back to Robe due to a grass fire near the road we were on. Was enough to warrant being water bombed to put it out. Made a 10-minute ride take 30-minutes. Gained a few extras on the way back to Robe as they had no idea how to get back. Back at camp a few drinks and dinner. Around 9pm we decided to get our sober drivers to take us all to Cape Jaffa jetty for a while to fish. The only person to catch anything was Imajen with a small squid.  Another great day in 25 degrees whilst Adelaide cooked in 43. Yolanda had to go home for work whilst Carlton and the girls stayed with us.

Monday 30th Dec
Woke up to a bit of rain and some wind. Blake arrived at about 8.30 so after some breakfast and a chat we headed out to explore the dunes once again. Carlton joined Blake so he could have a day out too as Yoyo had the car, once again girls in with Jeff. Beachport end this time. Our 1st big dune for the day found a few able to get up, around and back down but we had our 1st fatality for the day. Andrew went over the dune and didn't come back. Blake and Greg to the rescue. Greg pulled him out of his bog and then they had to change his tyre as he also broke the bead whilst being pulled out. Then off again. On the way to a lunch spot after finding a dead end and retracing steps for a while it was Jeff’s turn again. Stuck on the side of a dune all 4 of the kids abandoned him really quick as it looked like his Land-Rover was going to roll. After being recovered by the men we were off again. Quick lunch and at it again until we were back at camp for happy hour, dinner etc. still nice cool weather for us.
Tuesday 31st Dec
After a relaxing day doing not much we headed into Robe for an early dinner at the fish n chip shop and a visit to the ice cream shop then back to camp to meet up with Yoyo who was returning from work. A few drinks to bring in the new year Dirtydeed's style just missing the fire as way too windy for one. A great night with great peoples.

Wednesday 1st Jan
A quiet day women went to town to do some shopping and washing leaving the kids with the men. After lunch the men and Trish took the kids fishing while the rest of us stayed at camp relaxing. Group dinner out of the Webbers, totally amazing food. In the evening the men decided it was the women’s time to have the kids and went off fishing on the beach. Another great day.

Thursday 2nd Jan
Up early and left camp by 8am to go to Southend to explore down there. Yolanda, Carlton and Tori stayed at camp due to Yoyo not feeling the best. Apparently, bubby doesn't approve of being bounced around the dunes a few days before. 1st beach for the day on we went and down we went. Heath bogged 1st Greg then got bogged coming to help, Jeff next. Stephen and Andrew not bogged yet but tail end Charlie (Blake) bogged. After about 45 mins to get everyone moving again. A bit further along the beach and Stephen and Andrew bogged. 1st beach for the day and a great - all bogged. Andrew got another flat so changed that and off again. Only 1 and a 1/2 hours to do 1/2 kilometre of beach. Maddie checked the maps apparently, we were NOT supposed to go on that beach. Ah well had fun. You know you’re having fun when all 6 cars are bogged on 1 beach. Lunch was had on the beach whilst Heath threw in a line and caught a small salmon. Off again. Found another soft beach and Heath was again bogged trying to get off the beach exit majorly soft. Another fun recovery. Spoke to some motorcyclist and decision was made to retrace our path and go back the way we come to save everyone else getting bogged especially with the tide coming in and the next exit a fair distance away. Better to be safe than sorry. A quick snatch or 2 to get Blake un-bogged and turned around. All made it off the beach and continued our way. A quick stop to remove Blake’s bash plate as somehow the whole corner was folded over. Off again and the very beginning of the next beach Stephen was bogged again. A quick pull back and he was off but in doing so Jeff got bogged. Once recovered we were off again. Coming off the beach Blake was bogged once again. After a full day of fun in the sand we finally aired up at 6.15pm and made the drive back to camp. Arrived at camp at 8.30 had dinner and relaxed. Trish surprised Andrew with a cake for his 50th birthday. we sang happy birthday and pretty much all went to bed.

Friday 3rd Jan
Andrew and Trish were up early and headed off, Stephen and Michelle next as they had to go to Mount Gambier to see family. The rest of the crew had breakfast and packed up to go. Except Yoyo and Carlton who wanted to stay longer. Goodbyes were said and club headed home

Another fantastic time away with an amazing group of peoples lots of fun had by all. Can’t wait to do it all again

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Dirty deeds 4wd club trip roonka activity center
On the 29th of December 2019 our Christmas club trip to roonka was finally here. A couple of
club members went up early and Denise and heath met with a couple of club members at 7pm
McDonald's Curtis road to convoy up to roonka. As this wasn't 4wd weekend we had a couple of
'little cars join the trip.
On the way up Bridget was leader and Denise was at the end, most of the way up was good, we
had to stop at nurioopta to fill up zoes radiator and check it over and we were off again. We then
hit rain and lots of it, Zoe held up all the cars driving up and we all met back up at blanchtowm
servo to regroup and finish the last leg to roonka, passing two huge wombats on the side, we
finally make it in. We all set up and in the rain and had a drink or two then went to bed.
Saturday morning we all did our own brekky, coffee and just had a relaxed atmosphere and the
kids played on the playground and explored. We had a club ,meeting at 4pm while the kids did
a treasure hunt for some goodies, heath thanked the visitors for coming up and we discussed
a few club things and drew the raffle, Bridget signed off the, meeting and we all moved to the
grasses area.
Santa come to visit the kiddies and gave them all a gift, although Calder kept yelling it's daddy!
Then Santa had a full bag of extra gifts for secret Santa, Denise stitched up Greg. From there
Santa left and we started the dinner provided by dirty deeds 4wd club.
A few laughs and a couple of drinks around the fire after a fun filled day watching the kiddies
play and explore, having fun in the water and a group having a fish. Sunday everyone is slowly
packing up while a group has started the breakky barbecue, we regrouped for breakfast and
group photos done and conveyed to blanchtowm servo to do our annual group car photo. From
there we conveyed home and ended our great weekend away with the dirty deeds 4wd club and
finished the year.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Bendleby Ranges

We all met at the mcdonalds in smithfield at 7pm had a feed and then headed off for our wkend away.

Our first stop was apilla springs for the night.

As we passed thru clare the next morning there was a RBT set up so they pulled in 1st car that just so happened to be greg and bridget.

he passed and we were off again.

just a bit further down the track greg and bridgets navman decided to take us on a wrong turn and do a complete loop only to end up back where we started.

Saturday found us up and off to bendleby with a pit stop at orroroo for some breakfast.

Arrived at bendleby by 10.30 checked in and set off for camp.

A quick set up and off to hit the tracks.

We went up to the lookout off the kokoda track and the winds were so strong as heath got out the passenger side of toyotasaurus the wind caught the door and nearly ripped it off its hinges.

Headed to a less windy spot and fixed it then off again.

Once back at camp we had dinner and drinks.

Was still windy as so andy and trish were unable to set up there tent so there bed was the colorado for the night.

Sundays weather was great little windy and 36 degrees.

After some confusion with what time it was due to day light savings we were off to tacle the hungry rangers.

Greg carefully drove over a sleeply lizard that was sunning itself in the middle of the road.

Next was ron but he decided to move it for its own safety.

But this sleepy lizard had other ideas it believed it was a crocodile and tried to rip rons throat out and snapped at him the whole time.

Everyone tackled new tracks which was quite challenging for all drivers but we all completed and enjoyed it.

Found a nice shady spot had some lunch and off again we went.

We left andy and blakes cars to soak up the sunshine and they got in with who ever had space so all in separate cars and set off for billy goats ridge. got stuck behind a groupas we hit billy goats ridge.

Mind you they only got in front of us due to blake who believed he had lost his phone when getting out of rons car to remove a branch so they back tracked only to find it was in between the seats all along.

When we were finally able to head up the ridge everyone was in there cars except michelle who walked up the hill and took videos off all driving up.

On the way back we picked up the cars from the sunning.

A few ks down the road on our way back for happy hour heath got a flatty.

Blake and ron helped change it whilst the rest of us supervised.

Finally back to camp and happy hour started.

Monday has as slowly getting up eating and packing up and heading home.

On the road heading out we passed a sleeping kangaroo in the middle of the road must off had a hard night as he didnt waker up as we all went passed him.

Another great fun filled weekend away hitting the tracks with a great group of people.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Chalks Campground, Mount Crawford SA

Prior to arriving at the campsite each person had to register and obtain a permit from the Forestry Office on the way.

Andy and Trish arrived early on the Friday and we are thank-full to them for doing that as the campsite was the busiest, I have ever seen it. The rest arrived at staggered times on Friday.

Saturday we were blessed with perfect spring weather. It was nice just to sit around talking and telling stories.

We were joined by Yoli and the girls and visitors Greg & Sandra Saturday morning. Trevor took the kids for a walk into the forest. Lunch was a group sausage sizzle on behalf of the club due to the fundraisers. The afternoon was more of the same except we did go for a walk down to the hut and toilets for a look. Saturday night we had a fire and celebrated Tyson’s birthday with cake.

Sunday saw us pack up and head home. On the way Trevor noticed a smell coming from in front which could have been anyone of us since he was Charlie. We pulled over and noticed Lisa’s caravan brakes were on. While we fixed this Bryn found a small mud hole with water in it. It was a happy Bryn who said it felt like a trip now. Once Lisa was safe to return home, we were all on our way.

Thank you to all that attended this weekend.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.


Alice Springs  - Darwin - Kakadu - Kimberley's - Broome - Tranimi Desert Trip

We will cover approxamately 11.000km, so your vehicle will need to be able to make the distance.

We will have to service our cars 1/2 way around so we will have to carry the service requirements other than oils just in case they cant be purchased out there, in our time frame.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

alice springs1
alice springs2
alice springs3
alice springs4

Sauders George / MannumCamp

We left from heath and denise's place at about 5.30pm to head to mannum where we camped for the wkend.

We arrived at camp and setup it was very cooled but was good with a few bevies and a fire we were joined by yolanda, carlton and the girls.

We woke up had a mad feed cooked by denise

the rest of the crew started rolling up with kara, curly and the mob, andy and trish.

We all set off in convoy to saunders george.

We arrived and aired down.

Jorrod and his tiddly winks, steve, megan and the boys also jason who was fresh off his big trip joined us at saunders.

We started off the track with a fun little up hill, of course heathy tried the hard option but being wet he had literally no traction, so we opted for the easier part all got through apart from jarrod who's rig was a little too long and got hung up on the rear bar  with a easy pull from yours truly he popped straight out no hassel.

Curl was chickentrack coordinator this trip as he had to look after the very special cargo and guide andy in his stock colarado so he didnt scratch or dirty his pride and joy, also without a lift he was unable to do the harder sections.

A few nice tracks and obsticles later we found a few mud holes and most off us had some fun.

Just as we come into the lunch area there was a little mud run where we all witnessed a ranger get stuck and a jeep struggle to pill him out, so heathy being heathy decideds to show them how its was done and when though it a few times both directions.

We got stuck behind a group of dual cabs for about an hour, who had 3 cars stuck including a 79 series, when they cleared the track they said we could go through, so we gave it a crack and non of as got stuck we flew up like butter.

a small drive and we were back at the end where we met up with curly and andy.

We drove back to the camp site where we had a bloody awesome sausage sizzle and bevies started flowing, we had jarred and jason join us for the night.

Sunday was an easy day a quick pack up to beat the rain and we were off with the group parting ways from mannum.

It was a great trip all in all. thanks for an awesome weekend away.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

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we met at the farry on saturday morning and then went into the quarry we had some fun. Had lunch at the usual spot.

we had about 10 cars. Andy and trish as visitors who learnt some new stuff met some new friends.

we went back for happy hour. Were we had a massife fire waiting for as.

had a few camp ovens on and had some great food for saturday night with lot off laughs around the  camp fire

before we one by one head off to bed.

rob wasnt required to come on sunday morning as we only had 4 toyots and didi not require any chicken tracks corordination lol.

Had a fun time on the tracks and headed back early for a few drinks and to get ready to watch the football game.

The crows won the football and there was a lot off happy people around the fire that night.

we all left monday morning together said our good byes at the toilets and we all went on our way home.

We had no Break downs or recoveries over all was a nuther fantastic wkend away with dirtydeeds 4x4 club.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

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Saunders Gorge Sanctuary / Celebration of four
wheel driving day - Birdwood Museum

The Object of the weekend is to have a bit of fun at Saunders Gorge on the Saturday on the "Eagle Veiw Track" and spend Sunday supporting the celebration of four wheel driving day at Birdwood Museum. This event has been orgainsed by 4WDSA.

so it would be good to see a full club turnout to show that Dirty Deed's is alive and well.


This is a self drive 4WD track through our Private Conservation Area.

The track is designed to be a scenic drive through our rough and rugged country side.
Access to the track requires a 4WD vehicle with low range.

For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

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Googs Track, North from Ceduna.


This trip is a driving trip, with lots of bitumen to begin with then over many sand dunes.

Total distance is approximately 1900KM.

This trip is suitable for vehicles that have low range and some clearance.

Drivers of all experience levels can do this track as it ranges from long distance driving to corrugated roads with easy and difficult sand dunes. There are not options to take a chicken track around an obstacle.

Due to the remoteness of this trip we recommend being in reasonable health as we cannot get an ambulance to us and would need to rely on RFDS in an emergency situation.

You will have to book sites at Googs Lake in Yumbarra Conservation Park as well as Mt Finke Campground.To book the campsite at Googs Lake you need to go here.



For more information, please contact the trip coordinator via email trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com.

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Loveday 4WD Adventre Park

The Park has fully functional toilets for both men and women, located at the rear of the Tavern.

We also have hot showers for just a gold coin donation.
As a privately owned property we ask all visitors to respect the environment and clean up after themselves.

If you are camping and require fire wood, we ask you to please visit the tavern and purchase wood, or bring your own from

Loveday comes under the River Murray Environmental Protection act, which means it’s illegal for us and any persons to collect or burn wood from the property.

We at Loveday believe it's part of the camping experience to be able to sit around a camp fire at night.

We buy loads of wood in from outside the area for campers to be able to purchase and enjoy the camping life.

For more information on this type of trip, please contact the trip coordinator via email at trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com or call Greg on 0412 607 560.

Moonta Water World. Along side of the Moonta Bay Caravan Park, Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula.


Please join us at Moonta for a leisurely trip of Camping, Fishing, Water World Park or just relaxing in the shade with a quite drink.

It is our intention to spend a relaxing weekend allowing the kids to enjoy the waterpark and have a fun social weekend.

For more information on this type of trip, please contact the trip coordinator via email at trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com or call Greg on 0412 607 560.

Grampian Tour Drive

First Day - Friday Adelaide to Halls Gap Gardens Caravan Park 5 h 15 min (489 km)

Second Day - Saturday Stay at Halls Gap Gardens Caravan Park  and Tour around Halls Gap.

Third Day – Sunday Travel from Halls Gap Gardens Caravan Park to Boreang CampGround

Fourth Day – Monday Stay at Boreang CampGroundand Tour around Boreang CampGround.

Fifth Day – Tuesday Travel from Boreang Camp Ground to Wannon Crossing Campground No booking or payment is required at this campground and Tour around Wannon Crossing Campground.

Sixth Day – Wednesday Stay at Wannon Crossing Campground

Seventh Day - Thursday Travel to Wannon Falls Scenic Reserve

Eight Day – Friday Travel to Home

For more information on this type of trip, please contact the trip coordinator via email at trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com or call Greg on 0412 607 560

Roonka Water Activity Centre - Christmas Trip

Canoeing in the Billabong and river (canoes for hire), Flying Fox (dual cable way), adventure playground, swimming, fishing,
boating, skiing (NO JET SKIS), hiking, geocaching, bush walking, basketball and pioneering poles available with ropes.
Pioneering activity sheets available.
FEES (GST exempt) charged at daily rates commencing at 2pm each day and finishing no later than 2pm the following day.
Arrival before or after 2pm incurs 1 daily extra charge.
No charge for children aged 3 years and under.
Shower and Toilet facilities available.
 Only materials supplied, design and construct your own structure.
Father Christmas may visit including the possibility of Secret Santa for the Adults.

If you are interested in joining us for any events thoughout the year, please contact the Trip Coordinator for more information. trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com

Worlds End

Its our intention to spend a relaxing weekend touring around some of the local tracks in and around the burra creek gorge and camping eventually in the gorge for the night at the worlds end camp ground.

You will need to be totally self sufficent for the weekend.

There is only one pit toliet nearby, which can service a large amount of people.

There was a small billabong and creek running through it apart from that, no running water.

It will be self-sufficient camping.

If you are interested in joining us for any events thoughout the year, please contact the Trip Coordinator for more information. trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com

Willangi Bush Escapes, out of Peterborough.approximately 200km from Gawler

High clearance 4wds are recommended for the harder tracks but there are plenty of tracks that can be explored in a 4x4 that doesn’t have high clearance however low range is essential.

Drivers with all levels of experience will be able to cruise around the tracks or find something harder to challenge themselves.

We will arrive in Peterborough around 9:30 - 10am and check in at the office of Willangi Bush Escapes.

We will need to fill in all the forms and pay using cash only.

We will then get our maps and key and head out to the property to set up camp.

Our camp site is accessible by 2wd. Due to the size of our club we have chosen the biggest, flattest campsite to allow camper trailers and caravans access.

There is little to no shade at this campsite and there is a dry creek bed near by that the kids can explore.Firewood is supplied

I have spoken with the owners and they will waive this fee is we bring some wood of our own to burn too. All fires must be of comfort and cooking size and are only allowed to burn until 10pm (unless we use our wood).

If we have a fire in the morning it MUST be extinguished before we head out on the tracks.

We are NOT to collect wood from their property.All fires must be in the designated fire ring.

We must pay attention to seasonal fire bans (we will be notified daily).

If you are interested in joining us for any events thoughout the year, please contact the Trip Coordinator for more information. trip@dirtydeeds4x4clubsa.com