Vehicle Requirements

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

The DirtyDeed’s 4x4 Club have set out the minimum requirements for all vehicles participating in four wheel driving activities with the club. Meeting the minimum requirements ensures that in the event of an emergency, the club is able to respond effectively and without putting members or visitors in an unsafe position.

All vehicles participating in activities with the club must have been to a previous meeting and had their vehicle checked by a member of the committee, for the approriate vehicle requirements, before attending a trip.  The vehicle must also be in roadworthy condition, registered and insured.

Furthermore, all vehicles are required to have the following:

- Rated recovery points front and rear.

- A UHF radio.

- A fire extinguisher.

- A first aid kit.

- A snatch strap and bow shackles suitable for that vehicle.

It is a requirement that visitor’s vehicles are inspected by the Trip Leader and a member of the committee before going on a club trip. This inspection will ensure that the visitor’s vehicle meets the minimum requirements for the trip before the visitor has made any bookings or driven to the meeting point for the trip.

All vehicles participating in four wheel driving activities with the club must be suitable for that specific activity at the discretion of the Trip Leader and any committee members involved in the activity. In the event that a vehicle is deemed not suitable, the driver will be asked to not take part in the activity. This may mean leaving the vehicle in camp or taking an alternate route.