A Tribute to our mate and former Club President...


Chris Hitchmough.           


29-12-83 – 16/1/13.


"If tears can build a stairway and memories a lane. I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again."

To our beloved club president who will be sadly missed by all, you touched every body’s lives with your kind hearted generosity. You were taken away so suddenly from us & we ask ourselves why?  I wonder if god had a master plan for you but we will never know why. R.I.P mate and we will see you again soon, forever in our hearts gone but not forgotten. We will always remember mate, “Don’t Poke The Bear.”

Where ever you are my beautiful son, and now a handsome young man I have been so proud of you for so long now and hope I told you often enough, I loved you so much but you know that cause we said it to each other all the time xx, I loved your hugs and the way you took everyone for who they are and just helped anyone xx you got that from me buddy Lol xx.

We had lots of plans for the 4x4's and I just got a bike to surprise you so we could go riding together because you always wanted me to go for a ride with you hey. I know you were taken from me too suddenly and it is truly breaking my heart Chris. My love for you I can’t express and I so wish you were here with us now cause this is not right, not at all xx I will always love you Chris and you will always be with me in my heart and my head xx we will look after Tash and your two beautiful children xxoo I miss you my best friend, my mate, my boy, my beautiful son. I’ll catch up one day and we can go riding or 4x4ing in heaven xx will chat soon xoxo xoxo

Lots of Love Dad.